Burt Rosenberg's
E-Epistle Newsletter 11/1/2001
"A Quickie About Nashville"

Hi Dearly Beloveds,

This will be a quickie this time, if you don't mind. Nothin' wrong with
brevity, if you ask me. So, go ahead, ask me. And that's what I will say.
Nope, nothin' wrong with it. Wouldn't you say? Uh-oh...I feel the spirit of
brevity subtly slipping away, here....So, quick, on to the brevity at hand.

If you know someone in the Nashville area, you might let 'em know. Maybe
they'll show up. Wouldn't hurt 'em none. Who knows, maybe the Spirit will
fall on 'em hard, like a big safe from above. And He is!...Big...Safe...And,
from Above.

Burt in Nashville area, November 3rd - 5th

Friday, Nov. 3rd, 7:30 pm at Yeshuat Y'Israel Congregation. Meeting at
Woodmont Baptist Church, 2100 Woodmont Boulevard in the Green Hills area of
Nashville. Further Info, log onto their Website at <>

call 615-297-3672.

Saturday Morning, Nov. 4th at Beth Sar Shalom Congregation in Bowling
Green, Kentucky (an hour from Nashville). Further Info, Contact Jonathan or
Sarah Sacks at 615-672-8223.

Sunday evening at Oak Hill Assembly of God at 5200 Franklin Pike,
Nashville. Phone: 615-834-2963.

Shalom Y'all, Now Y'Hear,

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