"Spritzing the Joy-Juice 2000"
Pondering the Big Questions
(A Poem)

Having my bagel & coffee alone in Borders bookstore,
      while reading their Psychology Today magazine,
      which has an interview with Timothy Leary.
He says we must assume responsibility for our own divinity.
Hmm . . . . 

      A cute artsy blonde girl walks by and looks at what I'm reading.
      On the other side of the page I'm reading is a big ad for a book
      entitled, "How to Pick-Up a Woman."
Does she think I'm sitting here reading about how to pick up a woman?
What, does she think I'm desperate?
Does she see this cream cheese from the bagel that got on my thumb?
When I leave, I intend to put their magazine back on the shelf, good as new.
What if some of this cream cheese gets on the magazine?
Will I buy the magazine, or just put it back with a little cream cheese on it?
And, if we are divine, and don't take responsibility for it, what kind of divinity do you call that?

      I wipe the cream cheese completely off with a napkin.
      Well, that's one question completely resolved.
      OK, now for the girl and the divinity. 
Burt Rosenberg