Purveyor of Veracity with Audacity
(i.e. Spritzer of Truth with Holy Chutzpah)
For more than fifteen years, humorist and speaker, Burt Rosenberg, has been gladdening stage, pulpit, and seminar venues from New York to Hawaii. Hundreds of thousands of people have experienced his bright, whimsical way of imparting insights about life and illuminating reality.

More than a comedian, he is a uniquely enlivening, spirited, and joyful Jewish fellow, who believes that the Kingdom of God is a Divine Conspiracy to Smuggle Love into the World. So, Burt travels all over, endeavoring to love-one-another through amusing (yet serious) expressions of spiritual truth at concerts, church/congregation services, conferences and special events. He is adroit in the judicious use of what he calls Veracity with Audacity (i.e. Truth with Holy Chutzpah).

Burt's "performances" feature personal vignettes, imaginative improvisations, frolicsome perceptions and fanciful word-play. All  interspersed with stunning truth. Fans say he has God-given ability to make them roll in their seats with laughter one minute and move them to tears in the next. Attending even one of Burt Rosenberg's appearances is a life-changing adventure

Burt, who grew up in a crime-ridden urban neighborhood in Washington, DC, began honing his comedic gifts at age four by performing for schoolgirls in an alley behind an elementary Catholic school. His act consisted of falling off his  tricycle. It got big laughs. And he quickly became the "star" of their daily recess period. "I found out that if you make a funny face right before falling off the bike, you get a bigger laugh," Burt recalls. Before long, he was joking his way out of street fights and family affairs. His Dad met the Rosenberg's family needs by running a small, corner "Mom & Pop Store." Complete with a genuine Mom and Pop, with the family living above the store.

During his teenage years, Burt spent countless hours backstage at music venues, hanging out and absorbing show business lore from rock & rhythm & blues legends. As a student at the University of Maryland, he was in charge of booking bands and concert acts for school events, while getting his degree in Political Science. "They made fun of me then," he muses. "They said, 'you can't get no job with a Political Science degree.' But now, I know how a bill becomes a law. And they don't. Who's got the last laugh now?""

Following graduation, he founded a talent management company, representing rock artists and rhythm 'n' blues groups, and about this time, began writing and performing standup comedy in nightclubs. 

The budding professional's life was turned upside down after a series of  tragedies and disappointments. At age 24, his beloved father was brutally murdered in a robbery. The murderers were never convicted. Burt, devastated, began a search for spiritual "higher ground" that led him to an ashram (monastery) to become a disciple of Yoga for five years.

Rosenberg returned to the spotlight at age 34, performing regularly at comedy  clubs. His life began to change dramatically when, on the way to performing at New York City's "Improv," he was approached by a woman with a sign with the words: Jesus Saves. "I did my best to avoid her, like everybody else," he says, "but she managed to snag me, point her finger in my face and ask, 'Are you doing the will of God in your life?' I said, 'Hey, I'm trying to, sister.' She responded, 'Don't try...Surrender!' That went in deep. And when I looked into her eyes, I saw Someone was at home in there."

He continued to run into Christians and Jewish people who were believers in Yeshua (Jesus). His long journey for spiritual truth culminated when he knelt with a new friend on a living room floor to accept his Messiah

Soon, he formed the "Big Fun in the Spirit Players," a comedy-ministry troupe that  performed all over the country at concerts, churches & congregations, music & art's festivals and even prisons. Several years later he entered ministry on his own as a contemporary Messianic-Jewish humorist and seminar leader

Today, he travels internationally, speaking, performing, and also teaching  his freshly unique "Joy Training Seminars." He has shared programs with popular Christian artists and speakers, such as Steven Curtis Chapman, Sandi Patty, Frank Peretti, Tony Campolo, Pat Robertson, Margaret Becker, and Michael Card. Festival performances include Creation, Fishnet, and many others. Also numerous radio and TV appearances. And, as he puts it, "various undercover incognito wanderings."

All of this is Burt's way of engaging in "The Divine Smuggling Conspiracy to Bring Love into the World."

He says, "Ahh . . . when I'm Spritzing Truth, I feel God's pleasure."