This ministry is Burt Rosenberg's heartfelt endeavor to help straighten out the decline of civilization through the release of Joy inside of people. And, to get Light-hearted in the process. "My goal is to impart a serene explosion from inside-out in people -- of love, insight, and holy chutzpah," he says. "To help them find their fresh uniqueness. I believe we're on the earth to delight each other, make each other laugh, and to infuse one another with God's joy. Why not? What have we got better to do,
for heavens sake?"

Burt is this rather joyful fellow who believes that life is a Divine Conspiracy to Smuggle Love into the World. He says, "To be in this Conspiracy, you have to first smuggle Love into you. ('If you open your heart, I will come in,' Jesus says.) And then, cleverly disguised as a human being, you live, move, and have your being -- but it's really Him living through you! What a great disguise! It's perfect! Who would ever suspect?"

He performs and speaks
at Concerts, Church/Congregation Services, Conferences
& Special Events
. And conducts his unique
Joy Training Seminars
"How to Be Light-Hearted in a Dark World."

His engagements are
a brightful, delightful, whimsical spritz of standup humor,
playful antics, & poetical pontifications
generously interspersed with
Inbursts & Outbursts of Spirit Truth

What a Real Person Actually Said:
"Burt Rosenberg possesses a gentle wisdom entwined amidst
brilliant humor that inspires you to grow spiritually while being
joyfully entertained. He has the uncanny ability of weaving deep
and profound truths into the cloth of his humor so that you are
learning life-changing principles while laughing the loudest. 
He is a unique and greatly gifted man of God ...
truly amazing and one of a kind."
---Ken Owen, Racers for Christ Fellowship, Los Angeles, California

Response from Burt to the Above Quote:
"Well, okay, so maybe that quote up there is a tad grandiose,
if you ask me. But, somebody actually said that. Go figure.
What do you want me to do? I didn't say it. Somebody else said it. In these website things, I was told you're supposed to have some favorable quotes. Okay, fine. (Quotes from people who don't like me didn't make the cut.) -- Every blessed one of us
is truly amazing and one of a kind, you know. That's no joke.
We hope you enjoy your visitation to our website.
And to this Earth. With Big Shalom in your heart."