From Wonderful Event Sponsors
This is a very funny man! Burt Rosenberg has the uncanny ability of  weaving deep and profound truths into the cloth of his humor so that you are learning life changing principles while laughing the loudest. He possesses a
gentle wisdom entwined amidst brilliant comedy that inspires you to grow spiritually while being joyfully entertained. Burt Rosenberg is a unique and greatly
gifted man of God. He is truly amazing and one of a kind.
Pastor Ken and Ann Ault Owen
Resurrection Fellowship Church
Los Angeles, California
"Gentle Wisdom Entwined Amidst Brilliant Comedy"
You didn't disappoint us, Burt. You are as funny, and wise, and inspiring as ever. If your purpose on earth is to delight people, you certainly accomplished it [here]. . . To open us up to the possibility that joy and laughter are an important and serious part of our life in Christ is quite a revelation
for some of us. Your ability to inspire growth, as you are making people laugh is truly a God given talent, and a gift
to the people who hear you. Thanks so much....
Crystal Cathedral
Garden Grove, California
"Funny, and Wise,
and Inspiring"
I thank you for your ministry of Joy  -- because I truly believe it takes each one who ministers in the Spirit's Joy to break open the hearts & minds of people whose lives are dark & unforgiven. In appreciation for the difficult nature of being a humorist, may the Lord continue to bless your ministry.
Southminster Presbyterian Church
Arlington Heights, Illinois
"Ministers in the Spirit's Joy to Break Open the Hearts & Minds of People"
We were really blessed by the way God uses you to make us laugh, and then while our mouth is open, pop in a powerful truth. You have a special gift.
Richard Dunk, Pastor
Living Word Fellowship Church 
Fredericksburg, Virginia
"God Uses You to Make Us Laugh, and Then . . . Pop in a Powerful Truth"
You have great gifts and the Lord will use you greatly.
Jonathan Cahn
Beth Israel, Garfield, NJ
"Great Gifts"
A word of thanks to a beautiful brother who made God's people laugh. You brought us joy when it was both needed and appreciated. We not only enjoyed your ministry, but it was great just being with you. You certainly are a unique and special person!
Rev. Fred Hain, Pastor
New Life Chapel
Lebanon, Pennsylvania
"You Brought
Us Joy"
"We're Still Laughing"
What a superior day we had with Burt. It was so right.
We received compliment after compliment of the quality and professionalism of his presentation. I believe all of us felt the work of the Holy Spirit calling our hearts--and we're still laughing at ourselves.
Wilbur H. Wacker, Senior Pastor
Calvary Church of the Coastlands
Assembly of God
Torrance, California
We have great reports from everyone who heard you. In fact, the Sunday night you were there, the Pastor's secretary's father was at the meeting, and he couldn't keep from laughing. His daughter told me that she has never heard him laugh before. It was quite a breakthrough!!!!
We all felt that we have known you for years. You really fit in at our church, and we were so glad that you felt at home.
Marvin Pressman, Assoc. Pastor
Cornerstone Church
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
"Quite a  Breakthrough"
"Your Message Came Through Loud and Clear"
Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did for our Valentines Banquet on Sunday evening. I have heard from the folks over and over again how your message came through loud and clear in the midst of all the hilarity. We look forward to having you come again.
Rev. Sandy Casady
Buffalo Community  Assembly of God
Buffalo, Minnesota
"Immensely Edified"
We have been immensely edified by your teachings & uncompromising way of bringing forth the anointed word of God.
Joseph W. Robinson, Pastor
Joy Christian Center
Kaneohe, Hawaii
Ray Blalark, Pastor
Abundant Life Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota
"Great Stuff"
"You Are
Truly a Gift"
You did a great job! You are truly a gift to the Kingdom. 
Rich Huey, Singles Pastor
The Crystal Cathedral
Garden Grove, California
I have had the privilege to know, and share in the ministry of Burt Rosenberg for eight years. I appreciate the opportunity to recommend him and his ministry to you. First let me encourage you about the man himself. Burt's field is comedy, but he holds his faith and walk as no laughing matter. You will seldom encounter men in traveling ministries who have the depth of love and commitment that Burt possesses. So many come with a message or a song, but Burt comes with a relationship with the Lord. He will help all of your people to see our entrenched idiosyncrasies and trade them for Christianity. Burt's ministry is full of joy and laughter, but the point always comes back to Jesus - our everything.
James D. Hall, Pastor
Lamplight Church
Charlotte, North Carolina
"Full of Joy and Laughter"
Thank you for your part in our One Day Music Seminar. We were extremely pleased with the outcome of the Seminar and your participation made it a tremendous success. The comments received on the Seminar Evaluation Sheets returned by the attendees support the fact that those who came learned a great deal from your input.
Babbie Mason, Gospel Music Artist
Marietta, Georgia
"Extremely pleased . . . learned a
Great Deal"
I must say that, from beginning to end, Burt Rosenberg was the most pleasant and pliable Christian Artist with whom we have dealt. From the opening of negotiations on dates and fees to our closing conversation on  evaluation and follow-up, both Burt and his representative approached every issue with the perspective that effective ministry to our people was the primary focus. Burt's performance strength, in addition to some very funny ideas, is a collection of wonderfully descriptive, original metaphors illustrating the nature and core practices of the Christian life. Burt communicates the Gospel clearly. All in all, our experience with Burt Rosenberg was quite positive and profitable.
Rev. Daryl Worley
The Moody Church
Chicago, Illinois
"Effective Ministry to
Our People"
"We Were Delighted
and Blessed"
We were delighted and blessed to have Burt with us. He was outstanding and the people loved him. He brought a beautiful blend of sincerity and humor and in a most disarming way brought out spiritual truths through stories and anecdotes. Although he is a comedian, and a good one at that, he is more than that; he is a Christian communicator using the medium of comedy to communicate the truths of the gospel. We look forward to having Burt with us again in the future. I heartily commend him to other churches knowing that you will be blessed by his ministry.
Alan Langstaff, Senior Pastor
Antioch Christian Fellowship
Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Burt is different. Burt's comedy is fresh and uplifting. He also brings a message which is biblical, relevant, and well received. I would encourage any pastor or ministry leader to allow Burt Rosenberg to minister to your people. He will refresh their hearts.
Ronnie Meek, Pastor
Smyrna Assembly of God
Smyrna, Tennessee
"Different. . . Fresh. . .Uplifting"
"Teaches With Profound Simplicity"
It is my privilege to recommend my brother and friend, Burt Rosenberg to you for ministry to your people. We have had Burt come to our church annually for the last five years. We love him! Burt "makes" you laugh, but he also teaches with profound simplicity. You learn to laugh at yourself through Burt, and this in itself brings tremendous liberty.
Jim Palmer, Pastor
Lakeview Baptist Church
Nashville, Tennessee
He left them wanting more! The house was packed, the patrons were his totally, as the material was exquisite and proved exciting, humorous, provocative, very much alive -- all in an atmosphere uplifting and focusing about the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Ron Abud, Club Jubal
McLean Presbyterian Church
McLean, Virginia
"He Left Them Wanting More"
"Communicates Beautifully"
He communicates beautifully, articulating the real gospel. Very balanced!
Scott Harter, Pastor
New Covenant Christian Church
Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
Gregory Kittredge, Asst. Pastor
Trinity Assembly of God
Lutherville, Maryland

I want to thank you for a delightful and inspirational evening provided to our students at The Citadel. It is great to-- in this push and shove world -- have a dedicated Christian professional share Christ with a good laugh. We need more of that. And, such an approach to the Good News was a true blessing to all of our people who were in attendance. May God continue to guide you in your beautiful ministry.
Gordon E.Garthe, Chaplain
The Citadel, Charleston, South Carolina

I have known this wonderful brother for over 6 years and have found him to be a lover of our Lord Jesus Christ and possesses a tremendous zeal to see the world won to the knowledge of Christ. The ministry which the Lord has called Burt to is most unique. He gains the attention of his audience through humorous wisdom, which would allow no participant to fall asleep. Burt is not merely a Christian comedian; he is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and focuses upon that message. He is a student of the Word of God and intertwines it with the gifts of presentation with which God has so graciously blessed him. Over the years, I have grown to love and appreciate Burt for his sincerity, humility, and generosity.
Glenn D. Peters, Ed. M
Foursquare Gospel Churches
Southeast District
"Beautiful Ministry"
"Most Unique . . . Humorous Wisdom"
We have seen many ministries come and go, but Burt Rosenberg has a genuineness that touched our lives. We were blessed with his warm and funny personality that could bring forth the craziest joke and yet share the gospel in such a tremendous way that would cause the hardest of hearts to soften. I was so impressed with the "realness" of (his) person.
Pastor Chris and Theresa Osborne
River of Life Fellowship
St. Petersburg, Florida

I have known Burt for over 8 years. I have come to know Burt as a man who truly walks with the Lord on a daily basis. Burt truly seeks His guidance in all that he does. I count Burt as one of my closest friends and dearest brothers. Burt's ministry is comedy. There is a place in the Psalms (126:2 & 3) where it says "Then our mouth was filled with laughter and our tongue with joyful shouting; then they said among the nations the Lord has done great things for them, the Lord has done great things for us; we are glad." Burt's comedy is a gift from the Lord, and as Burt exercises that gift, it is as the Psalm says, people realize that the Lord has done great things for them. Sometimes those who do not know the Lord find Him. Sometimes those of us who know Him but have allowed ourselves to put on long faces of gloom, are helped to once again be glad in the Lord. Burt is most certainly worthy of the highest wages as any diligent worker would be. Many times there is a tendency to treat those in the performance field as less than other ministers. I say without reservation that Burt is every bit as valuable as any seminar conductor I have ever sat under.
Paul Samuels, Communications Director
YWAM, Mercy Ships
"Would Cause the Hardest of Hearts to Soften"
"Burt is Every Bit as Valuable as Any Seminar Conductor"
"I'm Still Smiling"
Thank you for sharing your gift with us. After three days, I'm still smiling.
John Bayles, Pastor
Halpine Church
Rockville, Maryland

I have heard nothing but positive responses from everyone who was there (at your seminar)! It is not often that we find an individual who can combine humor with strong Christian convictions and deliver such an uplifting and thought-provoking message. The entire experience was truly a blessing to all in attendance&;We look forward to inviting you to share with us again!
Louise S. Richards, Executive Dir. 
The Maryland Salem Children's Trust, Inc.
(School for emotionally abused children)
Frostburg, Maryland

Your ministry is certainly a unique one. What a blessing to our congregation! And as great as you were last year, there was even a stronger anointing on you this year. We love you.
Vince DeJohn
Word of Life Fellowship 
Wheaton, Illinois

Please don't ever allow anyone to "cure" you of your ministry. It is obviously from on high, considering your clear presentation of the Gospel message in the midst of the laughs. I praise God for you.
(Chuck Colson's) Prison Fellowship
Washington, DC

Thank you for your wonderful performance at Prison Fellowship's 20th Anniversary Gospel Celebration. Your participation made the event a spiritually uplifting event that truly glorified our Lord Jesus Christ. May the talents He has given you continue to be a blessing.
Rose-Marie Armstrong, DC Area Director
Prison Fellowship, Washington, DC
"Uplifting and Thought-Provoking Message"
"Even Stronger  Anointing"
"Obviously From
On High"
"Prison Fellowship's 20th Anniversary"
"Blessed Our
People Tremendously"
You blessed our people, tremendously! Looking forward to next time.
Bill Winston, Pastor
Living Word Christian Center
Forest Park, Illinois
"A Shot in the Arm of Vitamin J
(for Joy)"
Thanks again so much for coming to First Baptist Church of Hyattsville last month. We are thankful for your ministry of leading us into that mirthful uplifting fellowship of fun and laughter in Jesus' name. It is kind of like a "shot in the arm" of Vitamin J (for Joy) that a lot of us needed.
Dennis Nielsen
First Baptist Church of Hyattsville, Maryland
As I reflect on our evening together at the Singles Christmas Banquet, I just wanted to pause and thank you for sharing your unique ministry with us. As a single person, you obviously hit on some key issues for all singles, which made your ministry all the more relevant to those present&;I want you to know I appreciate the spirit with which you minister. A spirit of warmth, humor, and humility.
Mike Woods
Minister of Single Adults
Christian Fellowship Church
Ashburn, Virginia
"A Spirit of Warmth, Humor
and Humility"
"A Special Privilege"
Thank you for letting us know about such a wonderful "resource" as Burt!! Our church has NEVER had any talk of that originality and straight-forward evangelism that I can remember. (I joined in 1950.) Burt has been a real blessing to all of us, and it was a special privilege to be around him those few hours!
Charlotte Walter, Conference Coordinator
United Methodist Women, Wheaton, Illinois
We loved having you here. We have heard nothing but good things, and many people were touched by what you said. There were those who said that it was just what they needed for this time. I hope that we were able to bless you even half as much as you blessed us!
Fred and Tina Oakley, Pastor/wife
Restoration Church, Clarksville, Tennessee
"Just What
They Needed"
"What a Blessing!"
What a blessing you are! We sure appreciate how God ministers to us and all of our congregation through you.
Pastor Lorry and Vince DeJohn
Word of Life, Wheaton, Illinois
"Wonderful Way of Setting the
Captives Free"
Thank you for being you! I so thoroughly enjoyed being with you, drinking in your refreshing gifts of Living Water, & celebrating your wonderful way of setting the captives free!
Steve Pettit
One in Christ Ministries
Alachua, Florida
Thanks again for making our banquet an unforgettable night of fun and laughter. We were really excited it turned out so well. The evening was a total hit.
Carolyn Leffingwell
Houghton College
Houghton, New York
"An Unforgettable Night. . . A Total Hit"
Just wanted to let you know we really enjoyed your performance at the CARE Dinner. I'm still fascinated with the [joy] "smuggling" theory. What a clever way to present Christ indwelling us to touch the world. Thanks again!
Betty (Church Secretary)
Maranatha Church of the Nazarene
"I'm Still Fascinated"
"Your Humor Lifted Many into Higher Places"
What a great pleasure, privilege and blessing to have had a true jester from our King's court! Your humor lifted many into higher places...Your ability to project humor and God's deep abiding truth and love into hearts and lives is truly a gift from our maker and author.  As God is our creator, and we are challenged to be like Him, we at Harvest affirm your humorous creativity!  To any that would ask us at Harvest for recommendation, ours would be two thumbs up....Thanks again for bringing us your special business of God's joy to enrich our hearts, souls and life.
Pastor Drew Arnold
Harvest (Foursquare) Church
Laramie, Wyoming