From Sweet, Lovely Individuals
You have such a way about you that so penetrates the soul and spirit of a person. You are like a doctor who tells you a joke and while you're laughing sticks you with the medicine that HEALS you. I am truly blessed by our Father's expression by you. You are His; abandoned; a deep, deep well of LIVING WATER that many have the opportunity of drinking from....Thanks!!!
J. F., Hilton Head, SC
"Penetrates the Soul and Spirit"
Thank you for the depths of joy you imparted to me at Wilkes-Barre. Your talks were as full of Light as I've ever heard - but what blessed me most was that your walk even outshines your talk. The Love I saw (see) in you is breathtaking. Thank you for fleshing out so keenly unconditional Love so intensely.  I saw a clearer vision of our Jesus to walk out. That kind of Clarity stays new & present forever! (After your time here) I was even different in my essence as I drove to NJ & spend some time with my friends and their 3 little ones. I loved more - I was more alive and fun. You are really infectious! Mary was really impressed with your wisdom. In fact, we all are still talking about some things you shared . . .
L. A., New York State
"Thank You for the Depths of Joy"
I appreciate your sensitivity and depth, but I would just like to be able to somehow tell your person from my person just how precious and how much of an intrinsic blessing you are to me by just being. It is a great joy to be around you -- and while I am fascinated and "scrutinize" you deeply (not to miss anything that you are or are communicating). (H)ow much it means to me - the beautiful thing you are doing with your life. I have been encouraged and have learned so much from you already. I hope in the future I'll be able to be more like a "beloved disciple" and hang on your every word.
G. K., New York
"Sensitivity and Depth"
You are so cool... I appreciate that someone IS at home when I think of you or have the chance to see you face to face. That was the thing that impressed me about you in the first place... Depth. Thank you for allowing God in, so that we, the many, might be blessed by you, the humble witness of His living in you...thank you for being wisdom in a body...You bring out the best in a person, and then the person feels so validated ! And that, lovely man, is a gift to be cherished by us receivers of you...You are a gift...
V. T., Minnesota
"The Humble Witness of
His Living ..."
. . . In addition to the refreshment of humor at your 'spritz,' I want you to know I was also really spiritually refreshed just by hearing some ol' basic things I needed to come back to. As a matter of fact, when Sunday morning came, I felt I had had a sermon for the week. So when they announced at service that they needed volunteer help for the Sunday school I jumped right up and volunteered 'cause I knew I'd do OK with missing the sermon. I think I was able to transfer some of the 'joy' to the kids that morning!
D. L., Arlington, Virginia
"I Was Really Spiritually Refreshed"
I get overwhelmed sometimes by people I look up to who can teach with so much understanding. I too understand Christ-life, but have never been able to describe it&;You did more than just share your life and your experience of Life, which we know to be Christ. I am finding my true self in Christ and wanting to be free of any false-life. I am free to be free. I am Loved to love.
W. H., New York
"I Am Finding My True Self"
Your ministry is extremely valuable. Guard it jealously. You have an anointing on your ministry that others don't. I sense the Lord's delight in you.
H. S., Pensacola, FL
"I Sense the
Lord's Delight"
As I prayed for others who may have needed to hear just what you had to say and specifically, that the well chosen words would just flow ... from a heart so yielded, one can only see JESUS. You are that vessel. Formed by God, blessing all you pass by. What a joy to be in your presence. Thank You for being a continual blessing. Thank you for being YOU! Mostly, the gentle guidance and calm words God used to heal my soul and inspire me to see through the "thing" going on at any particular point in my life. Your beautiful spirit -- a soul that was given to God and used by Him to mightily touch the hearts of the hurting.
V. T., Minnesota
"What A Joy . . . A Continual Blessing"
It's funny, but somehow you have come to be a big influence in my life. I feel so blessed to know you. Not only because your teachings have helped me receive revelation and understanding of His Word. But because there just are not enough people in this world who want to be joyful. Seems God is always putting people in my life who are troubled or serious . . . I thank God for you.
D. S., Pennsylvania
"Your Teachings Have Helped Me Receive Revelation and Understanding"
I was in a state of intimate bliss for days afterward, and actually still am. Never came down off the cloud that I live on. Life is better. All around. And where it's not so perfect, well, I know the Lord is working that out.
C. N., New Jersey
"Intimate Bliss"
Thanks for the encouragement about my not fitting in. When you wrote, "All that matters is to do the 'thing,' wholeheartedly, with presence and wisdom." And learn as we go -- that's exactly what the Lord has been telling me.
D. L., Arlington, VA
"Wholeheartedly, With Presence and Wisdom"
But I appreciate your "listening" and your comforting response! What a great analogy -- the flower. That was really helpful to hear. Thank you so much. I have the feeling that you're used to thanking God and praising Him instead of complaining to him and this is evident in your words and spirit. What a great state to be in. I praise God for your grateful heart -- it's really a blessing to see (and be taught by).
R. S., Annandale, Virginia
"A Blessing To See and Be Taught By"
I want to thank you once again for obeying the LORD and being who He called you to be--YOU! You were an inspiration to our youth, including the college people and our congregation at Immanuel Congregation of Phoenix. The LORD gave you things to say that really hit home in the heart. You have a unique gift to lift up the spirit of a man and it worked with me. I am encouraged to serve Jesus all the more and learn the art of "smuggling love" into this unloving world. I want you to know that I am taking Philosophy 101 this fall semester and I am doing great--so far. A lot of what you said, I could understand because of my experience in that class but you also shared some profound theological truths. For instance, there is no time like the present. It is in the present moment we can find delight in God. Also, the subject of dancing really left me liberated from some of the preconceptions and dogmas I held about dancing in church, but, you know what, we can dance and give pleasure to Jesus in doing it. I will pray for you and your ministry as you continue to do one of the hardest things to do, sad to say, in the church today--experiencing 100% holy ghost joy. Amen!
Your grateful brother,
J. M. R., Phoenix, Arizona
"In the Present Moment, We Can Find Delight in God"
You always are able to make me laugh. Thank the
L-rd for your joy and your blessings overflowing. Blessings to you.
D. W., Point Sanford, North Carolina
"You Always
Make Me Laugh"
You are one of those....wait a minute're not like anyone I know..... We love you and wish you could come over to spread your spontaneous joy juice around this country.
T. M., Japan
"Not Like
Anyone I Know"
My deepest appreciation and respect for your unique ministry. Thank you for sharing Christ with those who need him so badly and have so little opportunity to experience or even hear of His great love for us.
E. D., New Jersey
"Unique Ministry"
It did my heart good to be in your presence -- with His Presence. Thanks for the presents: joy and anticipation and--laughs! Blessings--
G. T., Falls Church, Virginia
"It Did My
Heart Good"
[What you said] moved me!: "What a blessing you will be as you are an instrument, playing an instrument, to bring folks into the presence of the Master Musician whose Spirit plays us." Inspired words brother! Thank you!
J. B., Virginia
"To Bring Folks
into the Presence"
I am privileged to be a witness to your ministry.
J. G., Falls Church, Virginia
Whenever one deals with the issues of the heart, they need compassionate friends who are heart-warming and friendly. You have that gift, Burt! You are a good listener who challenges the inner person to grow and be free!
C. B., Jerusalem, Israel
"Challenges the Inner Person to Grow and Be Free"
Thank you for your ever-chrysillistic wisdom & joy.
K. N., New Jersey
"Wisdom & Joy"
Thank you so much for being there -- actually BEING and in the ETERNAL NOW . . .  I cannot tell you, Burt, how much I appreciate and value your love and commitment to us. Thank you so much for your investment in our lives!
D. G., Ocala, FL
"In the
Eternal Now"
I am so glad I caught you on your visit to earth. You have brought me the Good News that I am loved and accepted by Our Father called God. He sent you to me to prove His Love in the flesh. You have proved it well! And not only to me, but to multitudes. Well Done! His Good and Faithful Servant. I love you Dear Angel called Burt.
A. W., Ohio
"To Prove His
Love in the Flesh"
We often think of you. Tom recalled the Happy Dance just Saturday and called across the room to Larry Feldman, who then also remembered, at just the right time. I think of you often when I find myself enjoying our new life in California. While I had a tendency to think of serving as "work, work, work," I am getting surprised and delighted to find that it is really "joy, joy, joy" when we rest in Him. When I think of Burt, you remind me that it is not just okay to enjoy being a Christian, but that this is the purpose of being one -- to enjoy Him and one another. This is worship, when we get together because we're His, and He's in the midst of us. We continue to keep you in our hearts. Peace, joy, love,
J. P., California
"Joy, Joy, Joy"
I learned long ago to listen to what you have to say because you have a 'good' ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church! . . . I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your tapes on joy. God has blessed you with a superb ministry!!! We love you!
L. B., Pensacola, Florida
"What the Spirit
Is Saying"
YOU are truly God's hands and arms to His hurting people. Thank you for being such a beautiful servant and example for us.
J. C., Chicago, Illinois
"God's Hands
and Arms"
You know what, Burt? You are a rare treasure -- a REAL person -- and I also am thankful, nay overwhelmingly grateful, for you. We have the BEST Father to have put us in the same [Spirit] family. Blessings and mucho love,
P. W., Florida
"Wisdom & Joy"
We're really thankful for you, too, dearest friend, Burt (D.F.B.). Just knowing you is an honor, but being related to you [as a sister in the Lord] is such a sheer delight.
K. F., Pennsylvania
"Sheer Delight"
"Moving in
the Spirit"
You are such a very lovely person &; moving in the Spirit!!
F. R., Pennsylvania
The Spirit of the Lord was moving in hearts at our meetings. It was Heaven sent to be with you.
D. K., Minnesota
"Heaven Sent"
You know when people tell you they are brought into a closer awareness of God's presence after an "encounter" with you? BELIEVE THEM. I actually "feel lighter!" Amazing what fellowship with a knower can do. I mean a REAL, LIVE, Spirit knower. Thank you for reminding me of just how sweet that "place" is. And how anxious our "enemy" is to lure us away with all the "hype" of earthly distractions. It was a privilege to be able to (speak to) you to remind me of just how complete our "oneness" with Him in others is. Thank you for praying, too. I believe God is a work in all of this "stuff" and is not "of" it. He has a higher way always. I had the most enjoyable time listening to your tape from the time before last in Maryland where you spoke on "Romance." Wonderful! And it was timeless. Thanks, wise man.
V. T., Minnesota
"I Actually
Feel Lighter!"
I'm sharing and enjoying your tapes so much! Some friends and I hope to come to McLean Bible--what a great opportunity to share with our Jewish (and not Jewish) friends! I was able to introduce "bupkiss" in my last Sunday's Bible class. People seem to enjoy Yiddish-isms. Praise the Lord for your ministry; be encouraged in the good things you do...God's richest blessings on you and your ministry. What a wonderful thing the Lord is doing through you.
L. S., Virginia
"What a Wonderful Thing the Lord is Doing"
"Stiffness Loosening . . . Death-Defying"
Dear Favorite Laugh-maker,
Thank you again for your anointed, humorous, joy infusing, laughter producing, thought provoking, love spreading, wisdom imparting, emotionally challenging, stiffness loosening, heart purifying, God honoring, Christ likening, unity bringing, Jewishly delicious, life giving, death-defying, in-the-center-of-God's-will ministry.
P.S. Also -  grace spreading & love provoking ministry

C. S., Glenmont, Maryland