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April 10th, 2001
"Holy Chutzpah!"

Dear Blessed You,

On Wednesday, Sept. 11th, I go way up in the air, and then come down in
Chicago. There are actual pastors there who insist that Easter is about the
Joy of being risen. Real joy, here and now. Not just that Judy Garland
Someday-Over-the-Rainbow Joy Over Yonder. (J.G.S.O.R.J.O.Y) And, they deem it
desirable to have your humble servant come to spritz a little risen chutzpah,
for Easter Week. Good deeming, guys!

This'll be about the seventh year in a row for a ministry visitation to
Chicago at Easter. One of the churches, Pastor Living Word Christian Center
in Forest Park (Bill Winston, pastor), will have a rompin', stompin' crowd of
about 1,750 people. The subtle secret is that, despite appearances, it is NOT
a "crowd" of 1,750 people. It is one person. And another person. And another
one. See, each one there is a one. In the One. And, each person is having a
different experience, hearing and receiving different spirit reality, because
each is in a different class in the "God School," otherwise known as life on
this Earth.

As some smart person once said (maybe he said it more than once, I dunno):
"If you go to the ocean with a thimble, you get a thimbleful. If you go to
the ocean with a barrel, you get a barrelful."

Of course, if you go to the ocean with an unlimited receptivity, you get the
whole ocean.

But, let me speak to you about another, completely different, divine
appointment. Just last week, but with about "only" about 14 "ones." I was
invited to speak at the women's residence of the Gospel Rescue Mission, in
downtown, Washington, DC. The residents in the program come from the streets,
prisons, trauma and dope addiction. None of that mattered, choosing to see
THROUGH all that to the spirit-being behind the drama, in each one. From the
spirit-being behind my own drama. Heaven knows, we've allll been though some
drama, have we not? Hoo boy! That's one of the reasons for being born on this
Earth, you know. To experience the drama, and learn from it. But the key word
here is THROUGH.

As, in "yea, though I walk through..." Just staying "in" can be stagnant.
"Through" is & moving & having its being.

So, that's what I spoke to myself...uh, I mean them...about:

And that we are created to bring heaven to this Earth. Imagine that! You
know, "...on Earth as it is in heaven." Yep, that's it, alright. Oh yes, but
when you talk like that, SOMEBODY is going to say, or at least think, "Uh,, just what bubble are YOU living in? Don't you see this desperate
UN-joy world out here?"

Oh yes, I see it, I see it. But, I've also come to see that every moment
contains within it a little key...the option to CHOOSE. To choose Life, and
turn it into heaven. Wherever a person in whom He lives is, He lives in that
moment. Ready & willing, despite whatever it looks like. That's the Divine
Smuggling Conspiracy, y'see. This is amazing stuff.

After the meeting, I was talking to one lady. I asked her how she's doing in
the "Program." She said, "I'm havin' a haaard time. I been here less than 30
days. I keep myself distant and separate. I can't share the real stuff in me
with the others. I don't trust nobody." I understood that real good, being
prone to that flesh tendency, m'self. We sat down to talk. "Everybody has an
agenda," she says, "And a lot of petty things go down in here. I ain't never
seen people get into a fight over a potato chip!"

Then she says, "...Are you a psychiatrist?" I say, "Nah, just a person." She
begins to calmly pour out what she's going through.
See, there's that "through," again. I listen attentively. No shtick. We're
having a conversation. Important. Very serene. I sense the holy. After
awhile, I said, "You said you don't trust anybody, but can you tell that this
is a safe conversation? This is a God moment." She says, "Yeah, I know." Once
you experience a God moment, you can never again pretend you didn't.

I say, "So, what's my agenda? Did you know, where two people come together,
anytime, in His name, heaven happens...We're in heaven together right now."

She pauses, and says, "...Yeah, we are."

Which is better? Speaking to 1,750 people or being with just one?

There is always only one...and one..and one...

Love in Messiah,
From the Heavenlies to the Heavenless, through US,
Burt Rosenberg

Thank you and bless you, wonderful ministry-support co-conspirators, for
helping me be about this Forever Endeavor!
(Forever and ever, get it?)


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